February 2020


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Tucson Day 6

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Good morning!  I've had my coffee and breakfast, checked emails and we're about to start our day of gem hunting.  Have you ever wondered how anyone stays organized going to so many shows over a span of a week?  Well here is my method.  Before I go to the shows I make a list of all the vendors I want to see, figure out what shows they are in and then organize my days by going to venues that are close to one another on the same days.  Here is my schedule for this years Tucson shows.

Tucson Day 4

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Day 4 has already come and gone and I was just too tired to write it up.  Day 5 is now starting and I'm just hanging under the covers typing up this blog post.  I was so busy yesterday that I didn't even think to take pictures while shopping.  We spent all day at Gem Mall and Holidome.  So many vendors to visit in one area!  I did take this shot as my mom and I walked from one building to another.  The cold spell was beginning yesterday and a cold wind was starting to blow.

Tucson Day 5

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Day 5 is done and so am I - LOL!  The long days and short nights are starting to add up.  But I had fun today shopping at the Pueblo and Kino shows.  I had some time in the morning to wander around the Pueblo vendor tent and see if I could find any new and interesting vendors.  And I did!  I just happened upon Vista Gems.  It's a good thing they are located on a corner or I probably would have missed them.  I actually stopped because I saw they had rose cuts and one of my designer friends asked me to keep an eye out for small rose cut cabs.  They did

Tucson Day 3

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Today we went to Holidome and Gem Mall.  This beautiful sea horse art was a sight to see when we entered Holidome.

Tucson Day 2

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It was a beautiful day in Tucson today.  A high of 75F and no wind.  We started off the day going to the Miners Coop Show.