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**If you live in the EU or UK please contact me before ordering.  I will have to create a custom order for you in my Etsy shop due to the VAT requirements that the EU and UK have put in place.** 

** Sorry due to updates to the "Packaging Act" I am unable to ship to Germany. **

Upcoming Shows for May

Preview Image: 

I have 3 online shows this month.  All will be on Facebook.  You can find links to them below and on my events calendar. 

Here are details and links:

Here is a preview of some of the designs that will be in my show on 5/7.  I'll have quite a few brand new designs as well.  I'll be posting previews of these new designs on my facebook page:



From idea to design

Preview Image: 

I'll be doing a show in October with the theme of Atomic Mod (aka midcentury modern) and as I was scrolling through images from a google search I came across this one.  It looks like a bunch of overlapping windows to me.

From that I came up with a design idea for earrings.  So I cut the wire that will be soldered or fused and added a lapis flat square bead for a fun accent and here is my idea book with my work in progress pieces.

And now I head out to the garage to create the finished product :)