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I'll be in Tucson from 1/31-2/5.  While I'm there my store will be closed.  I'll be getting LOTS of new pretties for new designs for 2023!  Be sure to keep an eye on my blog to see what I'm up to in Tucson.  I'll also be posting on my instagram and Facebook pages.

Tucson Day 6

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Good morning!  I've had my coffee and breakfast, checked emails and we're about to start our day of gem hunting.  Have you ever wondered how anyone stays organized going to so many shows over a span of a week?  Well here is my method.  Before I go to the shows I make a list of all the vendors I want to see, figure out what shows they are in and then organize my days by going to venues that are close to one another on the same days.  Here is my schedule for this years Tucson shows.