Blog entry

I'll be in Tucson from 1/31-2/5.  While I'm there my store will be closed.  I'll be getting LOTS of new pretties for new designs for 2023!  Be sure to keep an eye on my blog to see what I'm up to in Tucson.  I'll also be posting on my instagram and Facebook pages.

From idea to design

Preview Image: 

I'll be doing a show in October with the theme of Atomic Mod (aka midcentury modern) and as I was scrolling through images from a google search I came across this one.  It looks like a bunch of overlapping windows to me.

From that I came up with a design idea for earrings.  So I cut the wire that will be soldered or fused and added a lapis flat square bead for a fun accent and here is my idea book with my work in progress pieces.

And now I head out to the garage to create the finished product :)