May 2021


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Tucson 2021 - Day 3

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I started the day (Sunday) at Intrinsic.  Now keep track of my visits, because they did - LOL!  This was visit #2. I did quite a bit of shopping here, but wasn't able to finish since I had to get over to Holidome for a noon "FB call" with my designer friend in Australia so we could shop for earrings pairs at Best In Gems.  I had them save my bucket of goodies so I could come back later and shop.  And here is what you see at Best In Gems ... pairs, pairs, pairs!

Tucson 2021 - Day 4

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On day 4 (Monday) I was, originally, scheduled to head home.  I was talking with my hubby about my schedule for the day after breakfast and he wanted me to stay another day since I would have started driving home at probably 7PM.  He checked on room availability and the hotel had space so I was good to go for another day.  Since I drove myself I didn't have to worry about extending a rental car or changing my plane ticket.  Driving defintely gave me a bit more flexibility.  With the need to cram all the things I needed to do into one day relieved, I headed south wi

Tucson 2021 - Day 1

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I was so busy at the Tucson Gem Show this year that I didn't have time to write my normal daily blog posts.  It was delayed from the normal Jan/Feb time frame to early April.  It was a smaller show so I wasn't there for the normal 8 days.  And, since Southwest Airlines no longer has direct flights into Tucson from San Diego it turned out to be just as fast to drive as it would have been to fly.  So I drove to Tucson this year.  Just before I left I found this solar powered dancing cactus!  He was the perfect mascot to lead the way on the dash of my car as

Tucson 2021 - Day 2

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Since I didn't finish up at Vista Gems on day 1 (Friday) I made them the first stop on day 2 (Saturday).  I did lots more shopping and sharing on Facebook with the Gals.  This year I created a Facebook group for the sole purpose of sharing all the experiences and gems that I was finding for the Gals who wanted me to shop for them.  It made it easier to keep track of things (mostly), but it sure took a lot of time.  I wanted to do it this year both for the vendors who haven't been able to sell at many shows over the last year and for all my jewelry design buddies who