Tucson day 4 - fun times at the gem mall and holidome and a brief visit to Kino (again)


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We started the day at the Kino show where I went in search of my Starbucks reusable cup.  It was nowhere to be found - ah well!  But I did do a bit more shopping with Jennifer at World Bead Mine.  I got these little pretties!

And I saw the CUTEST carved gemstone armadillo sitting on Jennifer's table.  I asked if I could by it and found out she bought it from another vendor at Kino.  So her hubby took me out to booth B-7, PapaChacra Minerals (@ph.ll.psouth on Instagram) so I could buy my own.  And I did!  Actually I bought 2 along with a larger piece of polished aragonite since I just love the colors in the stone.  Here are some critters that were still available for purchase when I left.  Aren't they soooo cute?!

I didn't get any pictures of vendors or venues today, so all you get to see are the goodies that I bought.  I did a little shopping with Bali Designs and then took a lunch break.  I just LOVE the Sunny Daze Cafe so we had lunch there. 

After lunch we zoomed over to Holidome/Gem Mall and I started shopping with one of my favorite vendors Taj.  They were having a closeout on bead strands so, of course, I had to help clear them out.

Then I had to do some shopping for my friend Annette, who lives in Australia.  She likes the gem pairs from Best In Gem so we do a Facebook share as I shop for her.  I'll leave it to her to share what she got with her customers.  I got these pretties for my customers.  Gorgeous charoite and blue pietersite.

My next stop was the Intrinsic booth in Holidome, where I did some shopping, then back to the Intrinsic booth in Gem Mall, where I did more shopping.  In the end I came out with all these beauties.

I got some beautiful pairs in so many gemstones, fabulous and faceted fluorite cubes, soothing blue chalcedony and so much more!

Our last stop was with a vendor from India who had more beautiful gemstones.  Here is the selection I got from him - blue opal, dendritic opal, moss opal, moss agate and aquamarine.

And the day ended with this fabulous sunset ...


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