It's Tucson time again!


**If you live in the EU or UK please contact me before ordering.  I will have to create a custom order for you in my Etsy shop due to the VAT requirements that the EU and UK have put in place.** 

** Sorry due to updates to the "Packaging Act" I am unable to ship to Germany. **

It's time for the Tucson gemshow!  My mom is joining me again this year.  Yay!  We hit the road at 7:30AM (yesterday).  Here's Mr. Dancing Cactus leading the way and my mom had to get a picture of me in the drivers seat. 


We made some pitstops along the way and when we got to Tucson we had to make a stop at Starbucks for some refreshment, goodies to take to our favorite vendor at the Kino show and eat our packed lunch.  Costco is right next door, so we refilled the gas too.

Then it was off to the Kino show!  Here are just some of the things we saw.


I love the more eclectic things you can find at Kino - lamps, shawls, carvings and so much more!


Including a lapis soccer ball!!!  And I have to end the blog with a sunset picture.  The sunset in Tucson is always so pretty!


Stay tuned for more today!


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