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I am always forgetting what the various birthstones are so I figured I would write up a little post about so I have a quick reference place to go when I need a reminder. 

Over time the birthstones have changed, mostly less expensive and more available stones were added for certain months.  For example, diamond is the birthstone for April.  However, diamonds are pretty expensive so rock crystal and sapphire will also show up in some lists as April birthstones.  Some birthstones have changed over time.  Bloodstone and jasper were the birthstones for March in earlier centuries.  Now the March gemstones are aquamarine and bloodstone. And, although the origin of birthstones is not certain many think it derived from the twelve gemstones that were supposed to be in Aaron's breastplate in the Book of Exodus in the bible.

Here is a list of the months and their associated gem currently, geographically and historically:

January - garnet ... this gemstone has been consistently the birthstone of choice for this month

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February - amethyst ... historically hyacinth and pearl were also February gemstones

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March - aquamarine, bloodstone ... historically jasper was also a March gemstone

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April - diamond ... geographically rock crystal is also an April gemstone in the UK and, historically, sapphire was once an April gemstone

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May - emerald ... geographically chrysoprase is also a May gemstone in the UK and, historically, agate was once a May gemstone

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June - pearl, moonstone ... geographically alexandrite is also a June gemstone in the US and, historically, cat's eye, turquoise and agate were once considered June gemstones

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July - ruby ... geographically carnelian is also a July gemstone in the UK and, historically, turquoise and onyx were once considered July gemstones

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August - peridot ... geographically spinel is also a July gemstone in the US, sardonyx is also a July gemstone in the UK and, historically, carnelian, moonstone and topaz were once considered July gemstones

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September - sapphire ... geographically lapis lazuli is also a September gemstone in the UK and, historically, chrysolite was once considered a September gemstone

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October - opal ... geographically tourmaline is also considered an October gemstone in the US and, historically, aquamarine was once considered an October gemstone

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November - topaz ... geographically citrine is also considered a November gemstone in the US and the UK and, historically, pearl was once considered a November gemstone

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December - turquoise ... geographically zircon and tanzanite are also considered a December gemstone in the US and tanzanite in the UK and, historically, bloodstone, ruby and lapis lazuli were once considered December gemstones.

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I did not do exhaustive research on this subject so I wouldn't be surprised to find that there are other gemstones for the months in other countries and that, historically, there have been a lot of other gemstones for each month.  This will at least give you a quick reference if you are looking for a birthstone idea for a loved one or yourself.


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