March 2020

I'll be in Tucson from 1/31-2/5.  While I'm there my store will be closed.  I'll be getting LOTS of new pretties for new designs for 2023!  Be sure to keep an eye on my blog to see what I'm up to in Tucson.  I'll also be posting on my instagram and Facebook pages.

Recent happenings at cserpentDesigns!

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Although I work at home most of the time I am staying in more than usual (no gym visits, no soccer practice !  :( ) so I have a bit of extra time.  I decided it was time to dig through my bead stash and find some beads that have been languishing for years and design with them.  Well I bought a LOT of furnace glass beads from Mingo and Asho years ago and still have quite a few so I went on a designing spree with those.  Here is just a taste :)  Some of these sold already, some are currently for sale on Facebook and the rest are on my website here.