Are you a March baby? If so read on about your two birthstones


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Did you know March has 2 birthstones? Aquamarine and bloodstone are both birthstones for March
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March 2022 #27


Are you a March baby? Aquamarine is the standard birthstone for August, but bloodstone is another option if you like gemstones that are a bit different. Read on to find out more ....

Aquamarine's color is reminiscent of the seas and its name did come from the Latin word for seawater. It is actually the mineral beryl when the color runs from greenish blue to blue. It was once called the mermaid stone. It was thought it would keep sailors safe at sea. Metaphysically it is calming (like the ocean - well, like the ocean when there isn't a storm! LOL!). It can enhance tolerance and reduce judgementalism. It clarifies perception and sharpens intuition. I love the color in all its variations from the transparent and sparkling gem quality to the milky aqua tones in lesser quality stones.

African bloodstone is a form of chalcedony and jasper and is also known as setonite. The ancient Greeks saw it as a stone of abundance. Medieval Christianity thought the stone was formed by the drops of blood falling on stone when Jesus was crucified. Metaphysically bloodstone has a balancing effect on energy flow. It can provide comfort during struggle and provides an inner strength. I love the contrast of the red spots on the dark grey and the translucent areas that provide a peek at what's on the other side.


Special designs for March birthdays...

Colorful aquamarine and lampwork earrings with amethyst, iolite and amazonite

Swirling Jewels Earrings
Aquamarine drops set in sterling silver hang below fun and colorful artisan lampwork beads. They are accented with amethyst, amazonite and iolite dangles.

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Leather, aquamarine and sterling dog bone bracelet

Wire Dog Bone and Leather Bracelet
I make each wire bone by hand - soldering, shaping and hammering them for texture and strength. A sterling Bichon or poodle, glass heart and little aquamarine dangle from it. Black leather straps are finished with a sterling clasp.

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Just A Drop Earrings African bloodstone dinosaur bone artisan lampwork and sterling silver

Just A Drop Earrings
Dramatic African bloodstone drops hang below deep red artisan lampwork topped with a dinosaur bone bead and sterling silver

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