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Going Tribal Earrings - handmade artisan organic enamel on copper yellow brown niobium ear wires srajd cserpentDesigns

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Artisan made organic crackle enamel on copper earrings with niobium earwires.

It's always fun and a bit of a challenge when working with crackle enamel.  It's a challenge to get 2 pieces to look very similar, but I did a pretty good job with these. When I started these I was hoping they would work for a yellow/gray color challenge.  Well the order you add the glass and how the crackle enamel opens up definitely affects how the colors show up in the end.  The gray is barely visible and the transparent yellow has reacted with the copper to look brown.  I got some great patterns and they look a bit tribal to me.  But the shape and the pattern also reminded me of some nudibranch (aka sea slug) photos I've seen - LOL!  These have 6 layers of color melted on and the crackle enamel causes the top layers to open up to reveal the lower layers. They are shown hanging from hook style, niobium ear wires, but you can pic your preferred ear wire.  They hang a bit over 2" (5.1 cm) from the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the enameled copper.

✥ artisan made crackle enamel on copper dangle
✥ Niobium ear wires
✥ copper wire
✥ Length: 2" (5.1 cm)

NOTE: What is pictured is the hook style ear wire in niobium.  Please choose your preferred ear wire style.

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