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Night Sky Slider Bracelet - handmade artisan lampwork black onyx hematite gemstone sterling silver srajd cserpentDesigns

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Artisan, handmade bracelet with spiral on black metallic lampwork, black onyx and hematite gemstones, glass ring and sterling silver

This beautiful lampwork bead inspired this design.  It has fabulous patterns on both sides and both bring to mind the patterns of the stars that you see in astronomy photos.  One side is shows a big galaxy spiral, the other side reminds me of interacting planet orbits.  This raku lampwork focal was made by Helen Brodt-Savage.  On either side are an etched black onyx bead with patterns of shiny lines intersecting, a black glass ring, overlapping hematite coins, small black onyx rounds and little faceted hematite beads. A sterling silver rolo chain connects it all with a sterling silver slider bead (with silicone inside) to make it as snug or loose as you want.  The bracelet will fit anywhere from 4"-10" (10.2cm-25.4cm).  If you have a very small wrist I can shorten the chain so the dangles aren't as long.  If you like to fiddle with jewelry the rings are loose fitting and can be moved around.

The Black and Petals Earrings would be a nice match for this bracelet.

Design elements:

✥ Artisan lampwork
✥ black onyx gemstone
✥ hematite gemstone
✥ black glass ring
✥ Sterling silver beads, crimps, wire guards, chain
✥ Fit Length: 4"-10" (10.2cm-25.4cm)

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